nkd: Zero Waste Grocery Store

Creative Circus Project

nkd (pronounced naked) is a zero waste grocery store. Conceptually, nkd focuses on the food and conserves everywhere else. It has a fresh, modern design to reflect its innovative take on grocery shopping. The neon yellow was chosen as the brand color to stand out amongst the colors of the food in the store.


Promotional Poster

A poster was chosen to announce the store's launch because nkd's target customer is found in coffee shops, concert venues, and parks. After each event nkd holds the posters are picked up and the old design is printed over, giving the poster multiple uses. The posters are printed with riso, a soy-based ink, on 100% PCW paper.


Interactive Bulk Machines

Bulk machines typically are very low-tech and require a lot of work from the user to bag, label, and weigh their goods. The bulk machine interface I designed for nkd would skip many of these tedious steps by tracking the purchases on the user's store ID card. This way when the user checks out, all they have to do is scan their ID. The machines would also offer to email nutritional information, which is not currently offered by the typical bulk machine.


Custom Typeface & Signage

A custom typeface was created for zero waste signage. Two line segments are used, one long and one short, to create every letter. The signs are duplexed, with the letters cut out from the front (yellow) piece which allows you to see through to the back (black) piece. Since the letters are made from two segments, the cut pieces can then be rearranged to create the black on yellow version, making the type and signage system zero waste. 



The packaging system uses lids and inserts cast from recycled plastic. The inserts allow the lids to be used on any size jar, saving storage space. The customer brings back the packaging to the store for a credit, ensuring the packaging can be used again and again. The label is printed using the riso printing process, which uses soy ink instead of petroleum. This also makes them compostable for food-safe fertilizer. 


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