Eunoia: Hearing Aid App Design


Eunoia: Hearing Aid App Design

Creative Circus Project


Although hearing loss is normally attributed to people 60+, many people aged 30-50 need hearing aids. Unlike glasses, hearing aids still have a large stigma attached to them which keeps people from getting one. The idea for Eunoia was born from this. What if a hearing aid wasn't a clunky thing for "old people", but a functional and beautiful item that works with the fast-paced lifestyle of today's world?


Product & Logo Design

Eunoia is meant to embody sleek, modern design. The parent company Bang & Olufsen is known for their superior sound technology and high-quality design, so it was a natural extension of the brand. We wanted Eunoia to look high-tech, breaking the typical perception of hearing aids.


App Design

When researching users with hearing aids we found that what people dislike the most is the constant modification of settings to fit the surroundings they are in. Eunoia takes away this pain point by using your phone to detect your location, and then modifying the settings accordingly. 


Psst I'm a prototype. Click me to explore the app.



  • When the user first sets up the app they answer a series of questions about their lifestyle.

  • Questions are easy to understand and non-technical, taking away the confusion of adjusting settings

  • The answers to the questions are used to create presets

  • The presets can be changed any time in the presets section


Home Screen

  • The home screen focuses on volume control, which is the most important feature to our users

  • The bottom of the screen allows users to quickly change between settings, the second most important aspect to users



  • Eunoia makes using a hearing aid easier than ever with the map feature of the app

  • Users can pin locations to their map so that next time they go to the location their hearing aid will automatically adjust its settings

  • The map also comes pre-programed with popular locations, so that users do not need to pin them



  • The presets section of the app allows users to access the settings and view pinned locations for presets

  • This is where the user could adjust the answers to their questions from the onboarding section



  • The Serenity section of the app allows the hearing aid to connect to meditation apps or sleep playlists.

  • These were included as they were of interest to our target demographic


Design Process



A selection of the initial sketches for Eunoia.

Annotated Wireframes

Annotated wireframes showing the first 4 versions of the Eunoia app before moving to the visual design.

UI Style Guide

The colors used in Eunoia are calming, mimicing the idea of the clarity of sound. 
Circular elements are used to evoke the idea of sound waves.

Style Guide_web.jpg

Software used: Sketch, Invision, craft, After effects

TEAM: Lizzy Cohen (Art Direction) / Dotun Bello (Copywriting) / Jerri Zhang (CO-Designer - packaging, web, brand)

My Contributions in team: logo design, Identity, Product design, App Design, Photography, Store Design