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Designing a solution for my messy desk


Here’s my desk. It has all kinds of things on it: Mail that I haven’t read, mail that I have read and am supposed to do something with, cameras, notebook, things I meant to journal, tape, pens, the list goes on…

The messiness a problem, since I live in a one bedroom apartment and my desk sits in the living room, front and center for the world to see. My boyfriend constantly complains that it’s a mess, and try as I might I just can’t seem to put things “in their place” fast enough to keep it clean.

I was reading up on Luma Methods, so I thought a desk cleanup project would be a good way to practice them.


I started off with some thumbnail sketches, writing down both the things on my desk and possible ways to organize them. After I created all my sticky notes I grouped them by solution.
(Pictured above)

After I organized my sticky notes I created a sketch of my new desk. I then turned that sketch into a concept poster, solidifying my final idea for desk reorganization.
(Pictured below)


On January 1st I took my concept poster to the store and got all the things I had planned to organize my desk. Here’s what my desk looks like now! (Minus the scanner, because I need to save up for it).

I’m going to document how it fares over the next few months to see if my design was a success or needs revisiting.