Beyonce Lemonade: Microsite


Beyonce Lemonade MicroSite

Creative Circus Project

This strange and exploratory microsite is designed to intrigue fans about Beyonce's visual album Lemonade. Through the use of visual motifs and sound loops from the album, visitors are given a small taste of the album.

Section 1 - Polaroids

The site opens on a bedsheet, where polaroids showcasing Beyonce's past hits fall into place as the user taps the return key. This is to remind the user of how far Beyonce has come in her career and get them excited to see what is next.



To transition between portions of the site the user must press and hold the spacebar, where they will see video clips from the album. 


Section 2 - Distortions

In the next section of the site the user will be able to use any A-Z key to distort the video. This represents the beginning of the album, when Beyonce realizes that her relationship was not as she saw it.


Section 3 - Water

The next section of the site starts with calm water which becomes dark, murky, and turbulent when the user presses Shift. This represents the journey Beyonce takes on the album, from a place of calm through turbulent, emotional energy, and ends on a place of peace and acceptance. 


Section 4 - Doors

The next section of the site allows the user to open up the door with the keys OPN. The doors lead to fire, water, and sky, representing different emotions and scenery seen in the visual album.